Saturday, February 11, 2012

Liam Brazier

Liam Brazier is a freelance illustrator and animator, and his work is beginning to catch the eye of many. The artist's style, similar to origami shapes, is very modern and unique. From superheroes to sci-fi characters, each piece is full of action and intention, and the colour palette gives the characters a fresh feel.
Man Up

The illustrator draws each shape with Photoshop's polygonal selection tool and then fills them in with color. "It is merely a process of building coloured shapes to define a form, and me telling people that red triangle is Spider-man and people believing it," says the artist.

Cave Man
Bounty Hunter
Dark Lord
Golden One
Brazier's work has been featured on My Modern Met and in Juxtapoz Magazine.
If you would like to read more about the artist and his work, please visit his website. You can also purchase his designs as art prints, iphone cases, on hoodies or t-shirts. I know I would love one of the tshirts. Visit the shop!
Keep Thinking Different.
Cave Man

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