Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Design Thinkers 2011

I'm extremely excited about attending the Design Thinkers Conference this year (actually next week), especially because I am one of the few lucky people that won the Design Thinkers Scholarship 2011.

As one of the winners, I will have the opportunity to meet with one of the guest speakers, and the guest speaker I get to meet is Stanley Hainsworth, Chair, CCO of Tether!!! So excited!!! Previously, he was VP Global Creative of Starbucks where he oversaw all creative aspects. He has also been a Creative Director at Nike and Global Creative Director at the Lego Company in Denmark, where he oversaw a total visual overhaul of the Lego brand from top to bottom, including packaging, the web and retail stores.

(More information on the conference, guest speakers and the scholarship: http://www.designthinkers.com/index.php )

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